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Moving. looking for games/gamers

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Hi folks.

My (nick)name is Stout, currently I live in Tampa, Florida.

My wife and I will be moving to Johnson City, TN in about a months time. I am looking for experienced and new World of Darkness role-players for a Werewolf: the Apocalypse chronicle (probably a LARP, maybe TT), or for an existing WW LARP to join.

(Could also be Werewolf the Wild West, to fit in with the Voctiorian theme here)

A bit about me:
I am 31 years old. I have been playing WoD games since 1991 (when Werewolf was released), and LARPing the WOD since that system was released. Currently I run a Hunter the Reckoning LARP, and just stepped down as AST of a Vampire LARP I helped found (but I remain a player there until I leave for Tennessee). I am also the outgoing Tribal Narrator for the Fianna tribe in the One World by Night LARP network.

We are moving to TN to open a Theatre in Johnson City with some college friends of ours.

If anyone thinks they might be interested, please respond here.


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