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The World Of Darkness

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Monday, June 11th, 2007
10:28 am - Finally

The empty page has been sitting there staring at me for a shade over six months now. I finally got around to writing it up.

I've got the outline up for the Victorian Age: Mage Rulebook, as envisioned by me1. It could still use some tweaking and filling out, but for the most part I'm happy with it. Give it a read, if you don't mind. If you want to contribute, by all means go for it. Don't be afraid. The great thing about a Wiki is that everyone collaborates to make something better.

It also gives me the chance to plug the RPGbooks Wiki again. ;)

1 And by "me" I mean eyebeams: original post

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
10:47 pm

Brief intro: Introduced to WoD through Changeling, which has been my main game. Vampire, Mage, and Werewolf are all loved though (never liked Wraith... no offence). I've had plenty of ideas for Changeling games set in the Victorian Age, but since the release of DA: Fae I've taken to that system whole heart. I still like Changeling, Fae just is just a great improvment.

Anyway, does anyone (who knows the game) have ideas how Fae might be brought into the VA:V setting?

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
3:12 pm - Game 13 - Shadows of a Crimson Dawn

Kindred of London,

Two months ago, it was with profound sadness that Mr. Drake met an untimely end at the mandibles of Iron Widow and my involvement within the domain became more prominent. As I announced earlier in the month, Ms. Kennedy is the new Prince of the London Domain and Mr. von Zarovitch is to be her Seneschal. It is my good fortune to announce that Administrator von Kreik will be authenticating their appointments this Tuesday, 28 May 1889 at the Observatory in the Royal Botanic Gardens on the west side at 10:30 pm.

Gregor Eichner,
Administrator General
Domain of London

Join us for the first game of Act II in Shadows of a Crimson Dawn. Gathering begins at 5:00 pm and game on is at 6:00 pm. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us with them.

What: Victorian Vampire LARP
When: May 28th, 2005 at 5:00 pm
Where: Kirkland, WA
Cost: Free
More Info: Contact the Story Tellers

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
9:45 am - All three fiction novels AND all three books, new!
morland Hello everyone. www.shadownessence.com has all three fiction novels from the Victorian Age: Vampire game line and we're going to give them away FREE. All you have to do is set a piece of fiction within the Victorian timeframe and submit it. That simple. The books are new, and are being held by myself until we choose a winner. This is 1 small part of the Month of the Vampire where we're giving tons of stuff away, and have many new books in a raffle, as well as ALL of the Victorian game books, and 2 copies of the corebook. 1 corebooks has never even been opened. London by Night and the Companion book are still in plastic wrap. Newness is goodness peps.

Month of the Vampire

Give it a look. You may like it.

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
2:27 pm - 6th Century Rome
severusgordain I'm creating a character for a vampire LARP. I need the names of some Venture within Rome/Italy at the beginning of the Dark Ages 500CE-575CE. Ventrue controlling Rome/Romans at that time prefered. Or perhaps some sites that has that kind of info.

Thanks All
Scott Crowell
-Severus Gordain V

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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
6:01 pm - Shadows of a Crimson Dawn

(cross posted like it was going out of style)

1888 is fast coming to a close on the foggy streets of London. Airships touch down and lift off again from the pad at Southwark Park on the Thames and steam carriages help people get from place to place. Is the Analytical Engine that Babbage designed and built a true miracle to behold or is it something with more sinister implications. Set in an alternate timeline of Victorian England, the game looks out over the dawning of a new age, the Age of Discovery, where the marvels of science both beneficial and malign await and ancient entities of arcane origin bide their time. “Shadows of a Crimson Dawn” is a game of high adventure, mystery, political intrigue and horror played against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world.

For more information about this LARP in Seattle, Washington, please visit the game’s website.

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Monday, December 13th, 2004
8:54 pm - Ashen Grey - Online Victorian Age WoD Chronicle

Announcing the opening of Ashen Grey, an online DigiChat based World of Darkness roleplaying game set in the Victorian Age using the all-new Storytelling System published by White Wolf.

This chronicle is unique, combining the brand new World of Darkness Rulebook and Vampire: The Requiem with the classic Victorian Age: Vampire and London by Night source books to tell a single compelling story set at the dawn of the modern gothic literary tradition.

Ashen Grey introduces you to Victorian London, where the fog-shrouded streets conceal a myriad of crimes — but not all of are a Kindred’s doing. In the greatest city of the empire, untold horrors breed in cobbled alleyways and scheme on the estates of the Kindred gentry. Evil festers behind the scenes, and it’s only a matter of time before it boils to the surface. The mortal and vampire characters that you will create are pitted against a broad array of threats from the mundane to the supernatural in a tale like no other seen before in online RPG chats.

So take a moment to review the setting and rules for this Victorian Age World of Darkness, create a new character and join us in the dark heart of the old empire.

Please visit Ashen Grey at http://www.ashengrey.com at your convenience.

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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
9:44 am - Moving. looking for games/gamers

(x-posted to _roleplayers_, garou_nation, larp_dot_com, larp_shout_out, larp_support, larpers, mindseyetheatre, stags_children, tnroleplayers, tri_cities_tn, victorian_wod, wod_lj)

Hi folks.

My (nick)name is Stout, currently I live in Tampa, Florida.

My wife and I will be moving to Johnson City, TN in about a months time. I am looking for experienced and new World of Darkness role-players for a Werewolf: the Apocalypse chronicle (probably a LARP, maybe TT), or for an existing WW LARP to join.

(Could also be Werewolf the Wild West, to fit in with the Voctiorian theme here)

A bit about me:
I am 31 years old. I have been playing WoD games since 1991 (when Werewolf was released), and LARPing the WOD since that system was released. Currently I run a Hunter the Reckoning LARP, and just stepped down as AST of a Vampire LARP I helped found (but I remain a player there until I leave for Tennessee). I am also the outgoing Tribal Narrator for the Fianna tribe in the One World by Night LARP network.

We are moving to TN to open a Theatre in Johnson City with some college friends of ours.

If anyone thinks they might be interested, please respond here.



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Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
9:42 pm - Someone might find this vaguely amusing...

Although the game that I'm in has a relatively serious tone, silliness on the part of both the storyteller and the players is condoned. So once, our storyteller told us that if we wrote in-character filk songs (taking the tune of a song and putting your own geeky lyrics to it), we'd get experience points for them. I was the only one in the group that wrote one, but everyone else found it amusing enough that I thought I'd share it here.

Charissa is my Nos. She has a ghoul named Darius, who at this point was just a potential ghoul. He's a Biker for Christ with a shady past who has True Faith, and likes her. A lot. She's a Victorian Spiritualist Nos who keeps her dead friends around the house for company. She lies up and down to him at the onset to keep him from finding out that she's a vampire, and constantly uses Mask of 1,000 to further the illusion. And so, in the spirit of the wackiness that spawned it, I present...

(to the tune of “Matchmaker” from Fiddler On the Roof)

Darius: Charissa, Charissa, please make me your ghoul.
I’m brave and I’m smart, and really no fool.
Charissa, Charissa, please make me the one,
And I’ll be the perfect ghoul.

Charissa, Charissa, I’ll be so nice—
I’m not a Hell’s Angel, but a Biker for Christ.
Tooling around on my bike, you’ll be
The envy of the coterie.

For a medium, you’re pretty normal.
For a Nos, you’re a sexy young thing.
I hate for things to be formal,
But you don’t tell me anything!

Charissa, Charissa, I’m three steps bloodbound.
I’m starting to miss you when you’re not around.
Night after night, in St. John’s, I’m alone,
So make me a ghoul of your own.

Charissa: Darius, oh Darius, am I the vamp for you!
I’m cultured! I’m pretty! (I like dead people too.)
But I’m a nice girl, a live girl. True? True!
I promise I won’t tell you anything to cause you stress,
And I’ll make up stories, so you won’t guess!

Sabbat? Camarilla? Secret societies!
Vampires? Bloodhunts? Just antique niceties.
Cryptic inside jokes—nothing more.
Danger? There’s a little—I’d like to learn to brawl,
But purely for my defense, that’s all.

For the moment, though, ignore that. You’re what I’m looking for—
You’re caring, intelligent, calm, and affectionate…did I mention we’re in a war?

Darius: Charissa, Charissa, that’s sort of bizarre.
But I still like you just as you are.
I’ll teach you to shoot and I’ll teach you to fight
And help you to do what’s right.

Frankly, I don’t quite get it—
Some things just aren’t adding up.
Like why you’re always…forget it,
I just realized you’re a C-cup!

Charissa, Charissa, let me be your man.
I’ll play it cool. Don’t be concerned—
Though I’m a Believer, you’ll never get burned.
So let’s meet with the Prince, fight the Sabbat,
Kick us some ass, teach me the rules,
And I’ll be the best of ghouls!

(x-posted to vampiretm)

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Monday, September 20th, 2004
3:51 pm - New here...


I am a long time WoD gamer, started back in first ed, been doing both LARP and TT since then.

I was a huge fan of Werewolf the Wild West when it came out, I played a few online games and tried to start a LARP here in Tampa, Florida, but it was fairly short lived...

I am mainly a Garou and Hunter palyer, but I know a bit about Vampire, and very little abotu mage, Changeling and Wraith.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any LARPS (WoD, Victorian or not) around the Eastern Tennessee area 9(I am moving there in a few months, including north Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, anywhere within 3 hours drive of The North eastern part of TN that has a gaem I might be able to join (or a few gamers who would be interested in LARPing...)

Good luck, and enjoy your nights!


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Friday, August 27th, 2004
10:37 am - Charissa Bronwyn

Well, here's the picture. I also keep a journal in-character at charissabronwyn. There's not a lot there, as the journal is new, but I've been playing this same character for four years now.

She doesn't even need to wear a corset any more--ever since she was Embraced, her clothes have fit just fine without one. ;)

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
12:14 pm - A Victorian character portrait

Would anyone be interested in seeing a character portrait that I drew for my Nosferatu spiritualist?

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Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
6:49 pm - The Victorian WOD
morland How many of you believe that there was so much that could have been added to the lonely Victorian books? I only wish I would have had my writing bug back then, as I loved the setting dearly, and believed it was the true setting for a Vampire game. Who's with me?



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Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
2:09 pm - The Ventrue Chronicle


   The Victorian section of The Ventrue Chronicle is set in New York. If you’re running an American-based VA:V game then I imagine that you could borrow most of it and adapt to your game (I was able to do this with Giovanni Chronicles III for my London by Night game). It’s not particularly useful otherwise.

   The Ventrue Chronicle is well-named: It’s a self-contained chronicle that follows ventrue lineages (and those of the original PCs) from the Dark Ages to the Victorian Age to the Final Nights. Players portray a different “generation” of Kindred in each of the three stories – the original PC, that vampire’s chile, and then the grand-childe. It’s an interesting concept, but if you want something in the style of the Transylvania Chronicles - playing the same vampire through each story until they become powerful elders - this isn’t easily supported.

   The Ventrue Chronicle is worth having, but it’s not something that you can easily incorporate into an existing chronicle. Maybe you could use it as a side-story, in which the participants play different characters, and have these characters interact with the PCs in the regular campaign.

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
9:49 pm

Crossposted to wolfspoor_news.

This is a little thing I like to call "Ian messes with Photoshop."

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Thursday, January 29th, 2004
11:41 pm - Ooops!

Apologies to everyone for missposting something intended for my LJ to the community - I've now moved it to the appropriate place. Many thanks to those of you who offered suggestions though (particularly as I can now go and slap one of my associates for their prior "help")

I'll go back to feeling incredibly stupid ...

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Sunday, January 18th, 2004
8:58 pm - Victorian WoD Online Chat Game

Dark Omen

Now accepting players.

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
11:53 pm - Ventrue Chronicles

Out of curiosity, has anyone had chance to check out the Victorian Age segment of Ventrue Chronicles yet? If so, what did you think of it? Avoid spoilers if you can (I'm already familiar with it and I don't want to ruin other people's fun) but I'd like to hear how well it's worked for people so that I can improve any future endeavors.

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
9:22 pm

My Players Stay AwayCollapse )

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Monday, November 24th, 2003
2:24 am - Plot help

So those that have read my new game know that a scavanger hunt to stop a rite to awaken Set is being done. The group took the advice from the Malk Primogen that The Madness Of A Malkavian may be a book in the Sabbat contested Sheffield England.

The madness is actually a diary of her departed Malkavian friend who was Sabbat. I should mention the Malkavian Primogen also is Sabbat and locked away in a asylum.

Im trying to debate on what I should do with the plot. What is guarding the diary? Where is it? What secrets does it contain that could help the ritual to awaken Set (The PCs think they are gathering the objects to prevent Set from being awakened.

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