Miss Amber in Seattle (fullcontactmuse) wrote in victorian_wod,
Miss Amber in Seattle

Shadows of a Crimson Dawn

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1888 is fast coming to a close on the foggy streets of London. Airships touch down and lift off again from the pad at Southwark Park on the Thames and steam carriages help people get from place to place. Is the Analytical Engine that Babbage designed and built a true miracle to behold or is it something with more sinister implications. Set in an alternate timeline of Victorian England, the game looks out over the dawning of a new age, the Age of Discovery, where the marvels of science both beneficial and malign await and ancient entities of arcane origin bide their time. “Shadows of a Crimson Dawn” is a game of high adventure, mystery, political intrigue and horror played against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world.

For more information about this LARP in Seattle, Washington, please visit the game’s website.
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