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New here...


I am a long time WoD gamer, started back in first ed, been doing both LARP and TT since then.

I was a huge fan of Werewolf the Wild West when it came out, I played a few online games and tried to start a LARP here in Tampa, Florida, but it was fairly short lived...

I am mainly a Garou and Hunter palyer, but I know a bit about Vampire, and very little abotu mage, Changeling and Wraith.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any LARPS (WoD, Victorian or not) around the Eastern Tennessee area 9(I am moving there in a few months, including north Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, anywhere within 3 hours drive of The North eastern part of TN that has a gaem I might be able to join (or a few gamers who would be interested in LARPing...)

Good luck, and enjoy your nights!

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