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The Victorian WOD

How many of you believe that there was so much that could have been added to the lonely Victorian books? I only wish I would have had my writing bug back then, as I loved the setting dearly, and believed it was the true setting for a Vampire game. Who's with me?


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   Well, yes and no.

   Scenarios; “Children of the Night” for the Victorian Age; a book of weird places, people, and things from around the world; possibly even expansions for other game lines (Victorian Age: Mage is the obvious one).

   But VA:V doesn’t need any of these things. Between the core book and the Companion, it has bits of most of these, and everything that you’d actually need to run a chronicle set anywherein the world.

   So I’m content with the four books and three novels that we have.

Victorian Age Vampire is my favorite Vampire setting (Dark Ages runs a close second), and I think it's in many ways the definitive playground for Kindred and Cainites.

I'd have liked to have seen at least one scenario that incorporated some of the Victorian Gothic story elements outlined in the VAV core book. The scenario presented in the Ventrue Chronicles was good, but didn't seem to be particuarly "Victorian" in its design, apart from being set in that time period.

I would have liked a Victorian ST Screen. . . .