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The Ventrue Chronicle

   The Victorian section of The Ventrue Chronicle is set in New York. If you’re running an American-based VA:V game then I imagine that you could borrow most of it and adapt to your game (I was able to do this with Giovanni Chronicles III for my London by Night game). It’s not particularly useful otherwise.

   The Ventrue Chronicle is well-named: It’s a self-contained chronicle that follows ventrue lineages (and those of the original PCs) from the Dark Ages to the Victorian Age to the Final Nights. Players portray a different “generation” of Kindred in each of the three stories – the original PC, that vampire’s chile, and then the grand-childe. It’s an interesting concept, but if you want something in the style of the Transylvania Chronicles - playing the same vampire through each story until they become powerful elders - this isn’t easily supported.

   The Ventrue Chronicle is worth having, but it’s not something that you can easily incorporate into an existing chronicle. Maybe you could use it as a side-story, in which the participants play different characters, and have these characters interact with the PCs in the regular campaign.

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